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Software Services for Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Industries
Software Services for Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Industries

Customer Testimonials

With our origin to consumption focus within the cannabis industry, we have customers all over the world.

The following testimonial quotes are from some of our clients:

Green2Go Logo
Customer Since Summer 2017
"It (the Dauntless Korona POS) has been the best money we've spent in our business, period."
Steve Lee
Toucan Farms Logo
Customer Since Feb 2016
"We found TraceWeed’s phone scanning systems and software design helped us manage our traceability more easily than other systems could have."
Steven Fuhr
Toucan Farms (AgroPack)
For more information, read the Q&A Client Profile we did with Toucan Farms
Billifer's Buds Logo
Customer Since Oct 2014
"Dauntless has excellent customer service! Everyone is very friendly to talk to and is willing to listen to your needs. They make a challenging state requirement program into an interface that's user friendly and more adaptable to your business."
Jennifer Shaw
Premium Creations (Billifer's Buds)
Green Junky Farms Logo
Customer Since Jan 2015
"We love how TraceWeed is mobile so you don't always have to go to your computer to get things entered."
Susan Strickland
Happy Wayz Edibles (Green Junky Farms)
Marijuana Bud
Customer Since June 2015
"…of the 5 different grows that I have helped with their traceability systems the only one that is actually correct is Jane Gardens and the TraceWeed system is the reason."
Carol Lee
Jane Gardens
Topp Valley Growers Logo
Customer Since Feb 2016
"I am very enthusiastic about how much time and effort TraceWeed saved us."
Tai Stine
Topp Valley Growers
Dose Oil Logo
Customer Since Mar 2016
"TraceWeed is smooth and saves us so much time. Support has been fantastic and I’m telling everyone about it."
Mike Hagopian
Dose Oil
Filucy Bay Farms Logo
Customer Since June 2016
"I attended the Cannabis Farmers Council meeting in Spokane on 4/14/17. About 40 producer farm owners were talking about a variety of things and the topic of traceability came up. Several were talking about the as yet unnamed state traceability bid and if they'll require RFID tags. A bunch were under the impression that if a farm uses RFID tags, they would be required to destroy the card after one use. I guess they said that is what Oregon does. So I spoke up as well as another farmer attending that we use TraceWeed and re-use our RFID cards - can use 1000's of times - and WE LOVE TRACEWEED!"
Dana Greenlee
Filucy Bay Farms
Contender Gardens Logo
Customer Since July 2016
"I have never had better customer service in my life. It get stressful at times in this industry. These guys are there for you!"
Casey Connolly
Contender Gardens
Mink Farm Organics Logo
Customer Since July 2016
"TraceWeed provides the ability to use my time most efficiently."
Randy Newell
Mink Farm Organics
Growing Plants
Customer Since Apr 2017
"As a 502 pre-licensee, TraceWeed responded to my request for more information on compliance instantaneously, setting up a later consultation on everything our business needed to get started. The initial bid was fair and detailed, with follow up and support on how to navigate our upcoming 15 day window after receiving our license. When it came to our install, we had technical glitches on our end that could have easily postponed our set up. But with the TraceWeed team on site, not just a dial-in, the issues were solved and the appointment successfully finished on time. I would recommend TraceWeed to others, because of their hands on knowledge of how their products are used in real time and the full dedication to solve questions as they arise."
Greg Schnorr
Flower Curator