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Software Services for Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Industries
Software Services for Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Industries
Phone App Installation Step-by-step Instructions
If you already have TraceWeed installed you will see the application displayed on your main screen. You shoud also see the Company Portal application displayed as well.
If you are installing for the first time, you only need to do steps 10-25 (skip steps 1-9)
The entire upgrade takes less than 10 minutes.
Step 1
From the main screen, tap the Settings icon and within the settings menu, scroll down to the accounts section and tap "workplace"
Step 2
Within the workplace interface you should see that your phone is enrolled with Dauntless Software Inc. Tap that enrollment.
Step 3
Tap the garbage can icon at the bottom of the screen.
Step 4
After unenrolling, you will get a refeshed view of the workplace screen without Dauntless Software showing.
Tap the windows icon at the bottom of the phone to go back to the main phone interface.
Step 5
Note that the old TraceWeed version is no longer installed.
We now need to uninstall the Company Portal by tapping the "All apps" button at the bottom of the interface.
Step 6
In the app list, scroll down to the Company Portal app and hold your finger on it until the context menu appears.
Step 7
On the context menu, tap "uninstall".
Step 8
On the verification window, tap "yes" to uninstall the app.
Step 9
The Company Portal app will no longer be in the menu when done.
Tap the Windows icon at the bottom of the phone to go to the main phone interface.
Step 10
To install the TraceWeed mobile app to you device, go to the All Apps screen by tapping the link at the bottom of your screen tiles.
Step 11
Scroll down and open Internet Explorer (or Microsoft Edge in Win10) and type in traceweed.com in the URL
Step 12
The page will load and a white TraceWeed "W" icon will be in the top ribbon. Tap it and it will take you to the app store so you can download the software.
Step 13
Once the app store screen appears, tap the Install button.
Step 14
If it asks for access to location. Tap Allow.
Step 15
If the Microsoft account password screen appears, enter the password for the shown account if you know it. If not, call support at (206) 739-6324 and we will provide you with the password.
Step 16
Once TraceWeed has completed installation, tap the View button.
Step 17
Tap the "pin to start" menu item and the phone will automatically take you to the main screen (step 18).
Step 18
To resize and move the TraceWeed button, hold your finger on it until it pops out of place with action icons on it (see step 19).
Step 19
Tap the arrow icon twice to shrink the button and then expand it to double wide.
While the button still has the action icons on it, drag it up to the empty slot at the top of the screen and single tap the center of the icon to lock it in place.
Step 20
At this point TraceWeed is fully installed, you will need to re-register your mobile device in the system, so begin by tapping the TraceWeed app button to open the application on your phone.
Step 21
Scan your badge to sign-in to to the app.
Step 22
An invalid device warning will pop up.
Tap "ok" to close the warning and go back to the sign-in screen.
Step 23
Go to your TraceWeed PC application and click on the Devices icon on the Operations tab.
Step 24
Select the phone you just tried to sign-in with and give it a friendly name (your company + a number)
Click "Approve Device".
Step 25
Scan your badge to sign-in to the phone app again and it will give you access to the main page.
Installation and Authorization is now complete and you are actively using the windows store app version of TraceWeed.