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Modern Agricultural Traceability from Farm to Fork
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Dauntless Software, Inc.
Modern Agricultural Traceability from Farm to Fork
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Dauntless Software, Inc.
Modern Agricultural Traceability from Farm to Fork
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Dauntless Software, Inc.
Plants & Perishables
TraceAgri is designed to add traceability to agricultural crops through RFID and NFC tags, GPS locators, and real-time data gathering while planting, growing, harvesting, processing, and shipping crops.

If you want to pursue the possibilities TraceAgri can bring to your operation, use the button below to contact our team!

Our system attaches activity and GPS data to locations like fields, rows, buildings, rooms, harvest containers, shipping containers, pallets, and more.
We also enable tracking of machines like harvesters, forklifts, trucks, processors, assembly lines, and more.
With chip embedded smart card employee badges, we can add additional data points to the activity around who is driving the fork lift, who delivered the crate of harvested fruit, and who moved the stack of pallets to the cooling room and when.
TraceAgri PC App
With the TraceAgri system, we can track all of the critical points of processing and add automated tracking to help monitor when things are added to the system, how long they have been in specific locations, and when and where they were moved and/or shipped.
Locations and Objects
Our system can use both UHF RFID and NFC in a single tag along with transceiver and triangulated antenna hardware to automatically track all of the movement of goods from place to place and allow for close up verification and inspection using hand-held off-the-shelf mobile phone devices that fit in a pocket.
TraceAgri Mobile App
We even have the ability to embed the chips into clothing and/or cloth allowing for uniforms to be tracked and login-tags to be added to a sleeve or a glove for access and data entry control.
Our system has easy access voice activated notes, the ability to take pictures of issues with a plant, crop, or field and add it to the system for remote analysis, and so much more that can be implemented based on your specific needs.
Once in the processing plant, we can add tracking to any critical point in the processing queue, access and enable environmental data capture, and embed chips in product and shipping labels for additional tracking at the loading docks and interaction by consumers at retail and post consumption.
What is the Cost?
The base software license of the service is facility based with unlimited users, tags, and scan points within each facility. The initial deployment cost depends on the hardware (including reusable and single-use tags) and complexity of the solution you want to deploy. The yearly license per facility after deployment averages around $10,000.00 per year. Each deployment can vary depending on customizations and features implemented for your solution.
If you are interested in pursuing an agricultural traceability solution for your farm or vertical grow facility, contact our TraceAgri team and we will work with you to determine the scope of the project and what we can do to enable the traceability you want and need.