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Providing Innovative Product Traceability from Origin to Consumption and Beyond
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Providing Innovative Product Traceability from Origin to Consumption and Beyond
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Putting Data Security First

Cyber security in the cannabis industry is an important factor in determining the best traceability system to use. Expecially with the 2017 travails of MJ Freeway, a Colorado traceability software provider, in which they have been hacked at least twice in six months causing system, data, and infrastructure crashs across the industry.

The two breaches, caused by what the company has called a cyberattack (in January) and a cybertheft (in June) continue to highlight the need for software service companies in this industry to be vigilant and work to ensure their systems are as secure as they possibly can be.

TraceWeed, the seed-to-sale traceability service built by Dauntless Software Inc., is the system of choice for more than 100 producers and processors in Washington State. CEO Clark Musser built large, secure tracking systems for Microsoft before founding Dauntless, and has worked to keep the data and intellectual property of its customers as secure as possible.
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How Do We Secure Access?
We use smart card and hardware authentication instead of browser-based password entry authentication for TraceWeed, TraceAgri, and all of our other software services. No system is hacker-proof, and we recognize that. But we work hard to protect our customers’ data, and make sure our service platform stays up and available even when the unexpected happens.

Access to the TraceWeed desktop and mobile applications is allowed only through known devices and access cards, preventing unauthorized use or access. Administrators can manage permissions for each part of the TraceWeed product for each specific employee.

Clients access the product securely through authorized mobile and/or desktop devices by scanning an authorized employee/user badge. When an employee/user signs in, TraceWeed captures and stores the date and time, user name, activity, and location of login.

What About Legal Issues?
We’re at an interesting juncture for the legal marijuana industry. On one hand, more and more states are building legal recreational and medical marijuana industries. Growth is amazing. On the other hand, we have a presidential administration that will be keeping a close eye on how, and even whether, those industries continue to exist.

On top of that, nationally, the legal cannabis industry involves thousands of businesses generating billions of dollars in annual revenue so cannabis traceability isn’t a mom-and-pop industry anymore. There are real ramifications when we overlook security issues.

To learn more about TraceWeed visit our dedicated cannabis web site or send us questions in email.