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Software Services for Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Industries
Windows 10 Installation for Compatible Phones Step-by-step Instructions
If your phone is compatible for Windows 10 (Lumia 640 for example), use these step by step instructions to upgrade.
If your phone is not compatible, it will tell you in step #.
The entire upgrade takes around an hour or more so this is good to do while the phone is not needed at the facility.
Step 01
The first step is to install the Upgrade Advisor to determine if your phone is compatible.
Tap the "All apps" button.
Step 02
Scroll down to the Store application and tap it.
Step 03
Tap the search magnifying glass.
Step 04
Type in "upgrade advisor" and then tap it to open the installation screen.
Step 05
Tap the Install button.
Step 06
When installation is complete, tap the View button.
Step 07
You will now be back at the app menu, tap the Upgrade Advisor to launch the app.
Step 08
Tap Next to find ouit if you can upgrade to Windows 10.
Step 09
If your phone is compatible you will see this screen.
Select "Enable Windows 10 upgrade and tap "Next".
Step 10
Windows will install a few items and then go to this screen.
Tap Done.
Step 11
You will be taken back to the all apps menu.
Scroll to "S" and tap the "Settings" app.
Step 12
Scroll down to the update+backup secction and tap "phone update"
Step 13
Tap the "install" button.
Step 14
This will take you to the Microsoft Service Agreement, tap "accept".
The installation of Windows 10 will commence and takes 40-60 minutes.
Step 15
Once finished installing, you will need to make sure everything has updated properly. Tap "All apps".
Step 16
Scroll down and tap "Store".
Step 17
Tap the menu button at the top of the store.
Step 18
Select "Downloads and updates".
Step 19
Tap "Check for Updates" and install any updates it finds.
Repeat this step until no additional updates are found and you have fully upgraded your phone.