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Software Services for the Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Cannabis Industry
Software Services for the Fearless, Intrepid, and Bold Cannabis Industry

Encoding Tags

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We are constantly looking at ways to reduce the cost of traceability. Partnering with GoToTags, one of the innovative leaders in the NFC industry, for client tag supply addresses our mutual goal of reducing the overall cost of tagging and help you (our clients) achieve better cost efficiency.
There are many form factors for tagging that can be purchased directly through GoToTags and all of them will work with the TapNTrace system and our related services (TraceWeed, TraceAgri, etc.). The chipset must be NTAG (Mifare Ultralight and SLIX will not work). The recommended form factors for each system may vary but most use PVC badge or ID cards, stickers, key fobs, and wrist bands.
Once purchased, all of the tags will need to be encoded read-only with a globally unique ID (GUID) and integrated into our TapNTrace system. The encoding file must be generated by the TapNTrace system and added to your tag order with GoToTags in order for the tags to work with our system. Each GUID can be used by a single tag and if duplicates are created, the tags will become non-functional.
Your overall cost for tags has been reduced by up to 50% including a small integration fee (from $10-$60 outlined in step 2) to enable the tags to work with our system.
Using this process, a box of 200 NTAG213 Badge Tags for plants now cost $104.00 compared to the $150.00 they would have cost using our old suppliers. That's a 30% reduction in cost!
Steps to Order Tags Order ID:
1) Select Tags
2) Enter the Data from Your GoToTags Order
3) Pay for Encoding Integration
4) Confirmation
When your tags arrive in the mail, they will be ready to use for any of our TapNTrace services and can be used immediately to automate functionality with any valid subscription to one of our services.
Please note: The ACS tag reader/writer GoToTags sells does not currently work with the TapNTrace system. If you are looking for an NFC tag reader, we use the Sony RC-S380 PaSoRi which can be purchased from Amazon.