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Providing Innovative Product Traceability from Origin to Consumption and Beyond
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Providing Innovative Product Traceability from Origin to Consumption and Beyond
Providing Innovative Product Traceability from Origin to Consumption and Beyond
By definition, traceability is the ability to verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification.
Our implementation of traceability enables our clients to automate the tracking of raw material as it is created, the conversion of material into goods, and the tracking of goods as they are shipped, sold, and consumed around the world while providing real time data to the originators and consumers along the way.

The Solution for Origin to Consumption Traceability

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TapNTrace is an extensible, dynamic, software service that automates and simplifies supply chain tracking anywhere in the world, from origin to consumption in any industry, using standard, reusable, RFID technologies.

This system is an easy to use solution that automates your processes, increases efficiency, and improves your capability to accurately report on the status and origin of items throughout your supply chain.

The TapNTrace design uses modern smart phone technology, near field communication (NFC) tags, long range ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, tranceiver hardware, and automated, cloud-based reporting services.

Facilities using one of our TapNTrace services have the ability to tie into any other facilty using our services with transferable tags connecting the data up and down the chain.

With TapNTrace services you will have the capability to track and report on the status of an individual commodity from when it originated on the farm or factory to the moment it is purchased, consumed, and beyond.

Our two primary solutions on the market are TraceAgri and TraceWeed though we are expecting to launch our TraceLivestock, TraceProduct, and TFaST services before the end of 2017.

The Agricultural Traceability Solution is TraceAgri

TraceAgri Logo

If you are growing plants of any kind for consumption, TraceAgri is designed to help you automate the tracking of your processes to save you time, add data to your crop evaluation and ROI calculations, and remove as much manual paperwork from your process as possible.

Take a look at our Agriculture page to get more information and request an evaluation of your needs.

If You're in Cannabis, TraceWeed is Your Answer

TraceWeed Logo

We have been working in the legal cannabis space since early in the process of legalization and deployed our TraceWeed solution in Washington State for the first time in early 2014.

As anyone that is in the industry knows, traceability is a requirement for licensing and the requirements are both unique to the industry and tend to change rapidly over time. TraceWeed is designed to automate and eliminate the need for spending a lot of time managing the traceability data and instead spend the time growing the product that will make you money.

Take a look at our Cannabis page to get more information, pricing, and request our service.

We have over 100 clients using our products every day...

Tracing Cocoa in Africa

Our original 2014 indiegogo campaign video for providing cocoa traceability to farms in West Africa.

Tracking Animals
TraceLivestock is designed to modernize livestock traceability by replacing the unchipped identification ear tag with an UHF RFID chipped tag (along with the low frequency ear tags typically used today) to give the owner of the livestock and the processing plant where the livestock is delivered multiple traceablity options.

If you want to pursue the possibilities TraceLivestock can bring to your operation, use the button below to contact our team!

TraceLivestock UHF RFID tags have less than a 1% failure rate when scanning in machine noisy environments like processing plants whereas the standard LF ear tags have a failure rate of up to 30% even with hand-held scanners.
Tagged Cow
Grouped Animals
Our system can use both the LF and UHF RFID along with transceiver and triangulated antenna hardware to automatically track all of the animals in an area along with when they drink, when they eat, and when they are moved from one pen to another (even if done as a group).
Once in the processing plant, our ear tag can be kept with the carcass and automatically tracked as it goes through each step of processing in the plant.
If you are interested in pursuing a UHF traceability solution for your livestock, contact our TraceLivestock team and we will work with you to determine the scope of the project and what we can do to enable the traceability you want and need.
Tracking Inventory
TraceProduct has its roots in the work we have done in cannabis. TraceProduct is the post harvest/manufacturing stages of assembly, processing, packaging, and shipping of various products in the agricultural, livestock, or other manufacturing industries.

If you want to pursue the possibilities TraceProduct can bring to your operation, use the button below to contact our team!

TraceProduct is used to label and track product as it is created and packaged at a processing plant/factory and while it moves through the various stages at the factory. Ultimately, TraceProduct tracks everything coming and going on the shipping dock and when it is loaded on trucks for distribution.
Our system uses RFID, NFC, barcodes, QR codes, transceiver and antenna hardware as well as hand-held scanners, tablets, and cell phones to allow our clients to inspect packages, pallets, and shipments as well as automatically track the movement of the inventory from place to place in the facility. If our client has more than one facility or location, we can track movement of product from facility to factility as well.
Consumer Interaction
Because the labels for the product are automatically printed on demand and are also the tags attached to the packages as they are created in our system, product can be tracked past the distribution level and can include interactive web links for customers that scan the product at the retail shelf and beyond.
We have developed solutions using this functionality for auto dealerships (repair shops) and processors for flowers, coffee, beef, pork products, and could implement a solution for just about any product created in the world today.
If you are interested in pursuing a traceability solution for your manufactured product (whatever it may be), contact our TraceProduct team and we will work with you to determine the scope of the project and what we can do to enable the traceability you want and need.
Wildlife Conservation
Our Tail, Fin, and Shell Traceability (TFaST) service is a project we are working on to help with the conservation of sea and wildlife resources around the world with our pilot project set to release in the Pacific Northwest this summer (2017).
Our application can be used by individuals, organizations, and licensing agencies to leverage the vast network of everyday people that interact with nature on a daily basis. By empowering those that have the most to gain in conserving our natural resources, we will build a much clearer understanding of our tailed, finned, and shelled natural resources so we can manage them appropriately to everyones benefit.
In conjunction with tribal, state, and commercial interests, adding real time recreational tracking of hunting, fishing, trapping, and harvesting to the resource management data will help us understand the impact recreational activities have on all of our wild species.
Look for more information here when the TFaST pilot is released.
A deer buck lying on grass
A deer buck lying on grass


Designed to track wildlife that runs, flies, or hops across the land, swamps, and forests.

Fish swimming in clear blue water
Fish swimming in clear blue water


Designed to track wildlife that swims in our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Blue crabs
Blue crabs


Designed to track wildlife with a shell that scuttle across our sea beds, rest upon our shores, or are buried in the muck.

TapNTrace Logo
TapNTrace services (TraceWeed, TraceAgri, etc.) may be implemented without additional hardware (other than a PC and an internet connection) and will provide more innovative functionality, security, and return on investment than our competitors.
However, we provide an automated capability our competitors can't provide, when you add an integrated mobile device, NFC and RFID tags, smart card login security, blu-tooth printers, and more.
Hardware is optional, you only need to purchase the amount of hardware you feel is needed, and you can always add more hardware and expand your automation as you grow your business.
When we first started in the traceability business, reselling compatible hardware made sense because we could get it cheaper through distribution channels. At this point however, in most cases we can't compete with Amazon or the other online retail/auction sites so we would rather point you to the best models and save money!
Listed below (with purchasing links) is the hardware we recommend because we feel that it provides the most value for the price and has been tested over a number of years with our various system components. All of it is off-the-shelf hardware that can be purchased from any seller and set up by you to work with our system with very little effort.

Chip Embedded Tags

Clients will need a minimum of 10 tags for user authenticated system login, otherwise, tags are an optional feature for increasing automated traceability.
Automation starts by adding tags to your service. We can tag virtually anything with NFC, RFID, or a combination of NFC+RFID tags.
In the past, we have sold the tags for up to $0.75 or $1.00 each. All of our tags are reusable 10,000 times or more, but we wanted to bring the price down even more by partnering with GoToTags to enable our clients to purchase tags directly through them and reduce the cost of the tags down to as little at $0.35 or even $0.25 each.
To ensure uniqueness, functionality, and integration into our system. You will need to have the tags encoded by GoToTags at a cost of $0.05 per tag and have the encoding file generated by our system at a cost of $0.05 per tag.
This will drop the cost of a box of 200 tags from $150.00 ($0.75/ea) to $90.00 ($0.45/ea) and as prices come down or your volumes go up, you will automatically be able to take advantage of the new price breaks from one of the primary tag suppliers in North America.
And you have all kinds of choices on form factors! Go to our Tag Encoding page to get more details and order tags at a huge savings!

USB NFC Reader for PC

Clients will need a minimum of 1 scanner for the main PC running our system (unless the PC has a built-in NFC reader).
We spent a lot of time working with multiple NFC readers on the market before settling on the Sony RC-S380 because it adhered best to industry standards, had the least number of compatibillty issues, and mapped to all of our current and future needs.
In fact, Sony has an ipad version of the reader that has just released which will integrate into the Apple version of our software as we build it in the future (now that Apple has joined the NFC world).
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the Sony NFC reader through Amazon (or other outlets) directly for $32-$48 (You can get it through us for $55.00+tax/shipping).
You will also need to install this driver for the Sony reader (don't use the latest drivers, we are in the process of upgrading to them for Windows 10): Sony NFC Reader Driver for PC

Mobile NFC Scanning Device

For the 1.7 version of our TraceWeed product, clients will need a minimum of 1 mobile device for functionality available only on the mobile interface. For the 2.0 version of TraceWeed and all other TapNTrace products, the mobile device is optional for those that want to add mobility to their traceability solution.
When shopping for a mobile device, be sure it is NFC enabled (check the specs before purchase) and a Windows device (for now). The device doesn't need to be unlocked as our system uses your wifi connection. Our recommended model is the Lumia 640 as it has a nice sized screen, NFC, a decent camera, and can be upgraded to Windows 10.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the Microsoft Lumia phone through Amazon (or other outlets) directly for $40-$150 (You can get a Lumia 640 through us for $150.00+tax/shipping).

Zebra QLn220 Bluetooth Mobile Direct Thermal Printer

Our system will work with any Windows compatible printer. This printer adds mobility with direct bluetooth connectivity but is optional.
When you want to print quickly and on the move, this is a fantastic printer that can hook on to your belt, connect to your mobile device, and print labels on the fly. The price on Amazon is about $750.00.
When purchasing this printer, please note that they don't sell the charging cable with the printer so you will need to get it separate and it will add another $20-$50 to your overall cost.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the Zebra QLn220 Bluetooth Mobile Printer and charger through Amazon (or other outlets) directly for $800 (with charger) (You can get them through us for $900.00+tax/shipping).

Zebra QLn220 LD-R7BL5B 2"x1" PolyPro 4000D Labels (350 per roll)

A requirement for QLn220 printers.
Working in the environments we do, the PolyPro 4000D polypropylene thermal labels will hold up in temperatures of up to 131 degrees (F) and are resistent to water, scratching, and smearing. They will fade in direct sunlight after about 60 days so they are not recommended for outdoor grows without taking precautions to prevent fading.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the 2"x1" PolyPro 4000D Labels through the zps store (or other outlets) directly for $3.12 per roll (You can get it through us for $3.98+tax/shipping per roll).

Zebra GX420t Bluetooth Thermal Transfer Printer

Our system will work with any Windows compatible printer. This printer adds direct bluetooth connectivity but is optional.
This printer was selected (along with the ribbons and labels listed below) to print for outdoor grows and still enable connection to mobile devices (through bluetooth). The price on Barcode Discount is about $640.00 (including shipping and taxes).
This printer will need both ribbons and labels to function and has the ability to print 4 inch wide labels as well as the standard 3 inch labels we recommend for tagging.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the Zebra GX420t Bluetooth Thermal Transfer Printer through Barcode Discount (or other outlets) directly for $553. Be sure to order the bluetooth version of the printer if you want to connect your mobile device (You can get it through us for $700.00+tax/shipping).

Zebra GX420t 17154 2"x1" PolyPro 3000T Labels (2,100 per roll)

A requirement for GX420t printers.
Working in the environments we do, the PolyPro 3000T polypropylene thermal labels will hold up in temperatures of up to 200 degrees (F) for 1-2 years outdoors and are resistent to water, scratching, and smearing. They will NOT fade in direct sunlight and are recommended for outdoor grows.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the 2"x1" PolyPro 3000T Labels through the zps store (or other outlets) directly for $17.87 per roll (You can get it through us for $22.86+tax/shipping per roll).

Zebra GX420t 6100 Wax/Resin 2.52" Ribbon (244 feet)

A requirement for GX420t printers.
Working in the environments we do, labels printed from this ribbon (especially PolyPro labels) will hold up in harsh outdoor environments and provide water, chemical, scratch, and smear resistance.
To save you money, we recommend purchasing the 6100 Wax/Resin 2.52" Ribbon through the zps store (or other outlets) directly for $2.50 each (You can get it through us for $3.20+tax/shipping each).
News & Events

For media queries, contact our Community Relations Director: Darin Velin

TraceWeed: Mobile App is in the Windows Store

June 26, 2017

At Dauntless Software, we are always looking for ways to make our applications easier to support, easier to use, and more functional with cutting edge technology. Prior to Apple announcing that they would open their IOS system to NFC, we kept our applications in a private Windows Store. Now, we are moving our applications to the public store (only reachable through provided links) and working on porting the system to IOS and Android!

TraceWeed: Putting Data Security First

June 23, 2017
(updated from original article posted January 20, 2017)

Cybersecurity is a big deal, and we take it very seriously at Dauntless Software. In the cannabis industry, hackers have targeted major traceability providers giving the industry more to ponder around keeping our industry secure. 

Client Profile: Toucan Farms

June 20, 2017
(updated from original article posted February 9, 2017)

We had a chance to sit down with the Managing Partner of Toucan Farms, Steve Fuhr, in early February of 2017 and ask how one of our high-tech cannabis clients makes things happen. 

TraceWeed Featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine Article About Cybersecurity

April 24, 2017

A two-part article on cyber-security in the legal Cannabis market. TraceWeed is featured with our industry-leading smart card technology, showcasing the security we offer our clients. 

Dauntless Software Inc. ranked #34 on Top 100 Ancillary Business List

June 7, 2016

Cannabis Business Executive has released a list of the Top 100 Ancillary Businesses serving the Cannabis industry nationwide. It is our pleasure to share that Redmond WA based Dauntless Software Inc.  has been listed at #34 on the list. We were recognized for our TraceWeed product, the fastest growing Traceability software in the state of WA.

GoTo Tags Showcases Our Traceweed NFC Solution

March 10, 2016

GoToTags is a Seattle-based company that develops software and hardware solutions for service companies deploying Internet of Things (IoT) projects. They published a case study highlighting TraceWeed and its innovative use of NFC tags and the GoToTags NFC Encoder Software to provide a solution for legal cannabis traceability.

You Can Find Us On MassRoots Under Our TraceWeed Brand

November 30, 2015

TraceWeed has joined the popular Social Network site MassRoots. If you are part of the network, come follow us there, ask questions, share pictures, and let us know how we are doing in the industry!

About Us
The Original Dauntless Logo
The Original Dauntless Logo (2013-2016)

Dauntless was founded in 2013 by former Microsoft employees with a common interest and purpose in developing a customizable enterprise level traceability system and offer it at an affordable price.

Over time our vision evolved around the use of the latest emerging technologies to enable worldwide traceability.

Our goal is to provide an easy to use supply chain tracking system to trace goods from origin to consumption using RFID technologies.

or simply...

Tap. Tap. Trace.

Using RFID and NFC as the foundation, we have developed an end-to-end traceability service (TapNTrace) that can be customized and applied to virtually any industry around the world.

Initial efforts were focused on agriculture and livestock inclusing free-ranging cattle, swine, tulips, cocoa, and coffee on three continents.

Eventually, the team expanded into the local (Washington State) legal marijuana industry and dedicated a significant amount of time and resources into adapting our TapNTrace service to provide the best traceability tools for the newly established and rapidly growing/changing cannabis industry (TraceWeed).

Early Contributors to Dauntless (2015)
Early Contributors to Dauntless (2015)
At an Indoor Vegetable Growing Facility (2016)
Indoor Vegetable Growing Facility (2016)

Our success in cannabis and our agile software as a service (SaaS) model has given us the opportunity to work in a number of other industries with the need for traceability over the years. To this end, we have spent time scoping, designing, developing, and deploying solutions for multiple clients and industries both big and small over the last four years.

Currently we are working to improve, develop, and/or deploy service solutions for cannabis, agriculture (both rural and urban), livestock, wildlife, and manufactured goods (like automobiles).

Our base TapNTrace architecture service (the base for all of our services) includes the ability to combine client needed functionality using NFC, UHF RFID, LF RFID, Barcode, and QR code technology in the following products:

  • TraceWeed Mobile
  • TraceWeed PC
  • TraceWeed Label Designer
  • TraceAgri Mobile
  • TraceAgri PC
  • TraceAgri Label Designer
  • Pilot Projects (to be announced)